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Priority RV Road Care Service

When our customers travel, they will take our dealership with them.  With their Prioirty Service Card, they will be given priority service at over 100 REDEX Dealerships.  If you're more than 100 miles away from your home dealership, the closest REDEX dealer to your location would be happy to service your recreational vehicle and get you back on the road.

If you are traveling and at least 100 miles away from the dealership you bought your RV from, you can recieve Priority RV Service

This program includes repair for safety and functionality problems.  Minor convenience repairs are not included.

Call your selling dealer and tell them about the problem. Your dealer will determine if the repair could wait until you return home or needs to be repaired at one of our Priority RV Network locations.

If immediate repairs are needed your selling dealer will connect you with the nearest Priority RV Network dealer.

If you are unable to contact your selling dealer, visit this website and access the map showing the locations and contact information for our network of dealers.

Call the servicing dealer and explain that you are a Priority RV Network customer and give them the name of your selling dealer.

State your problem and schedule the day and time for your repair.

There will be no cost to you if your repairs are covered by a warranty.

Parts and labor will be charged and collected is your RV is not covered by a warranty.