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Tiffin Motorhomes Phaeton Motor Home Class A - Diesel RVs For Sale

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The incredibly luxurious Phaeton Class A diesel motorhome by Tiffin Motorhomes is packed with an abundance of upscale amenities and durable construction features! All models sit on a powerful Freightliner PowerGlide XC raised rail rear engine diesel chassis with a Cummins L9 450 HP engine to power your journeys both near and far!


Adaptive cruise control, collision mitigation, and a tire pressure monitoring system helps you to safely arrive at each destination. The 10.0 kw Onan quiet diesel generator powers these units and Spyder multiplex system lets you control things at the touch of a finger. Some new features include Midnight Blue and Generation 12 paint schemes, a standard exterior ladder, Starlink roof prep, and more!


Make every trip and adventure in style with a Tiffin Motorhomes Phaeton Class A diesel motorhome!

Phaeton Features:

Standard Features (2025)


Chassis and Drivetrain Features

  • Cummins L9 450 HP Diesel Engine with 1,250 lb-ft Torque
  • Freightliner PowerGlide XC Raised Rail Rear Engine Diesel Chassis
  • 240-Amp Alternator
  • Two-wheel Drive
  • Allison® 3000 MH 6-speed Automatic Transmission with Lock-up Torque Converter
  • Front and Rear 295/80R 22.5 Tires 
  • (2) 12-Volt Flooded Lead-Acid Chassis Batteries
  • Hydraulic Leveling Jacks with Control Panel
  • ZF Independent Front Suspension 
  • Rear Radiator
  • Front Disc Brakes and Rear Drum Brakes
  • Full Air Brake System with Automatic Slack Adjusters
  • Three-stage Compression Brake 
  • Manual Parking Brake
  • Driver and Passenger Side Fuel Fill
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Automatic Traction Control
  • Collision Mitigation with Forward Warning and Active Braking
  • Electronic Stability Control
  • Freightliner V-Series V-Ride Rear Suspension
  • Custom Tuned Sachs Shock Absorbers
  • Steerable Tag Axle (44 OH Only)

Wheel Options

  • Aluminum Wheels (DEP)
  • Black Aluminum Wheels (DEP)


  • Seamless One-piece Gel-coat Fiberglass Molded Roof Cap
  • 5 1/4" Formed Roof Insulation
  • Tubular Aluminum Roof Skeleton Frames
  • Extraordinaire Ducted Air Cooling System
  • One-piece Molded Gel-coat Fiberglass Front and Rear Caps
  • Steel Cockpit Overhead Support Frame
  • Crane Composites Noble Select All-Composite Exterior Sidewalls
  • Tubular Aluminum Wall Skeleton Frames
  • High-performance thermal insulation in sidewalls
  • Engineered Wood Sub-flooring
  • Laminated Elevated Sub-flooring with 2 3/4" Thick Thermal Insulation
  • Steel Basement Construction
  • Rust Protective Undercoating
  • Hydraulic slide out mechanisms
  • Extra storage chassis construction


  • Spyder Controls Multiplex System
  • Firefly Integrations Eclipse Module
  • Centralized 10” Spyder System Main Monitor
  • Passenger Console Spyder System Color Touchscreen
  • Interior Entryway Spyder System Color 
  • Exterior Spyder System Color Touchscreen
  • Additional Spyder Color Touchscreens Throughout Coach
  • 10.0-Kilowatt Onan® Quiet Diesel Generator
  • Generator Slide Tray
  • 2,000-Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger with Auto-Gen Start and Interior Remote Control
  • (3) 15,000-BTU Low Profile Air Conditioners with Heat Pumps and Condensation Drains
  • 50-Amp Shore Power with Powered Retract Reel
  • Auxiliary Solar Port
  • Energy Management System
  • HD Over-the-air Antenna
  • Park Cable and Ground Satellite Hook-up
  • Prep for In-motion Satellite
  • Blu-ray™ Player
  • Satellite Receiver 
  • 12-Volt Breaker Panel
  • 12-Volt Disconnect Switch
  • Rotary Disconnect Switches for House Batteries, Chassis Batteries, and Inverter
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets at Galley, Lavatories, and Sewer Bay
  • 110-Volt Exterior Receptacle
  • Surge Guard® Transfer Switch
  • USB Receptacles Throughout Coach
  • Starlink Roof Prep

Heating and Cooktop Power Source Options

  • Liquid Propane (LP) Coach (Standard) (N/A 44 OH)
  • Hydronic Heating & Electronic Appliance Equipped Coach (Standard on 44 OH) (Optional on all other models)

House Battery Options

  • (6) 6-Volt, 230-Amp Hours Flooded Lead-Acid House Batteries
  • (6) 6-Volt, 210-Amp Hours Extended Cycle AGM House Batteries (Optional)
  • (3) 12-Volt, 270-Amp Hours Lithium House Batteries
  • Battery Slide-out Tray (DEP)

Space Heating Options

  • (1) 30,000-BTU and (1) 20,000-BTU Ducted Furnaces (DEP; 35 CH, 37 BH) (N/A 40 IH, 44 OH)
  • (2) 30,000-BTU Ducted Furnaces (DEP; 40 IH Only)
  • Aqua-Hot® 450D Heat Exchanger (DEP; 35 CH, 37 BH, 40 IH) (Std. 44 OH)

Solar Panel Options

  • Prep for Solar Panels 
  • (3) 200-Watt Solar Panels with (1) 30-Amp Controller
  • (6) 200-Watt Solar Panels with (2) 30-Amp Controllers (N/A 35 CH)

Electrical Add On Options

  • In-motion Satellite Dish 
  • Prewiring for Winegard® Trav’ler™ Satellite

Internet & Phone

  • Prep for Wi-Fi Booster (DEP)
  • Wi-Fi Booster (Optional)
  • Starlink® Pro (Optional)


  • Aqua View Showermiser
  • Water Filter
  • Water Pump Switch Access from Spyder System and Sewer Bay Board
  • Low-point Water Drain Lines
  • Black Holding Tank Flush System
  • Gravity Water Fill
  • Heated Water and Holding Tank Compartment
  • SeeLevel Tank Monitor
  • Centralized Exterior Sewer Bay with Gravity Black and Grey Evacuation Ports
  • Exterior Rinse Hose with Shower Head
  • Sewer Bay Hand Sanitizer and Paper Towel Holders
  • Fresh Water Hose with Power Retract Reel
  • Grey Tank Flush System

Water Heater Options

  • Truma AquaGo Comfort Instant Water Heater (DEP) (N/A 44 OH)
  • Aqua-Hot 450D Heat Exchanger (Std. 44 OH) (DEP; all other models)
  • Water Heater Bypass System (DEP) (N/A 44 OH)


  • Full-body Paint with (4) Layers of Clear Coat
  • Single-Colored Slide Out Endwalls
  • High Performance Protective Film on Front Cap and Select Areas
  • Girard® Powered Door Awning with Integrated LED Lighting
  • Girard® Manual Window Awning Package
  • Girard® Slide-out Toppers
  • Side-swinging Exterior Storage Doors with Gas Shocks
  • Lockable Handles on Compartment Doors
  • Motion-sensor Lights in Cargo Bay
  • 120-Volt and 12-Volt Outlets Inside Cargo Bays
  • Pass-through Basement Storage
  • Charcoal Carpet Cargo Walls
  • Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Basement Floor
  • Frameless, Dual-Pane Windows
  • Exterior Patio Light
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Docking Lights
  • Chrome Power Heated Side-View Mirrors with Integrated Cameras
  • Exterior TV with Soundbar
  • Fast Charge USB ports within Exterior TV Compartment
  • Lightweight Entry Door with Integrated Screen
  • Deadbolt Front Entrance Lock
  • Lighted Entry Door Grab Handle
  • Automatic Stainless Steel Double Entry Step
  • Keyless Entry System for Front Entrance and Component Doors
  • Mud Flaps
  • Custom Rock Guard
  • Lippert On-The-Go Telescoping Ladder

Patio Awning Options

  • (1) Girard® Side-mounted Powered Patio Awning with Integrated LED Lighting
  • (2) Girard® Roof-mounted Powered Patio Awnings with Integrated LED Lighting and Dual Pitch Feature (Optional)

Slide Tray Options

  • (1) Manual Storage Compartment Slide Out Tray (Optional)
  • (2) Manual Storage Compartment Slide Out Trays (Optional; 40 IH, 44 OH Only)

Exterior Add On Options

  • Outdoor Electric Grill (DEP, Optional; 40 IH, 44 OH Only)

Paint Schemes

  • Generation 11 Exterior Paint Scheme (Optional)
  • Generation 12 Exterior Paint Scheme (Optional)

Paint Colors

  • Midnight Blue Full Body Paint (includes Black Aluminum Wheels (Optional)
  • Waterfall Full Body Paint (Optional)
  • Nasa Full Body Paint (Optional)
  • Frosted Granite Full Body Paint (Optional)
  • Bordeaux Full Body Paint (Optional)
  • White Mahogany Full Body Paint (Optional)


  • Handcrafted Overhead Cabinetry
  • Solid Surface Step Well
  • Powered Step Well Cover
  • Storage Compartment Within Entry Steps
  • Recessed Step Well Lighting
  • Living Area TV
  • Solid Surface Galley Countertop
  • Handcrafted Slide-out Fascia
  • Soft Touch Vinyl Ceiling
  • Dimmable LED Lighting
  • Prep for Washer and Dryer
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • LPG Leak Detector
  • Smoke Detector
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Solar and Privacy Shades
  • Soft-closing Drawers
  • Powered Roof Vents
  • Central Vacuum System with VacPan® Automatic Dustpan
  • Interior Grab Handle at Entry Door
  • Egress Windows Throughout Coach

Interior Decor Packages

  • Carpi (Optional)
  • Tide Pool (Optional)
  • Stallion (Optional)

Upholstery Fabrics

  • Ultrafabrics® Tottori Tatami Mat (DEP)
  • Ultrafabrics® Tottori Rice Paper (DEP)

Cabinetry Color

  • Sandstone (Optional)
  • White Linen (Optional)
  • Platinum (Optional)
  • Black Truffle (Optional)

Floor Tiles

  • Modern Peak Matte Porcelain Tile (Optional)
  • Editorial Volakas Glazed Porcelain Tile (Optional)

Interior Add On Options

  • Standalone Living Area Fireplace (35 CH Only)
  • Stacked Washer and Dryer
  • Gold Heat® Dual Zones Heated Tile Floor

Drivers Compartment

  • Ultrafabrics® Tottori Power Driver and Passenger Seats
  • Dual Driver And Passenger Seat Armrests
  • Swivel Bases for Driver and Passenger Seats
  • Powered Passenger Seat Footrest
  • Integrated Seat Belts on Driver and Passenger Seats
  • Tilt and Telescoping Steering Wheel with Integrated Controls
  • Adjustable Accelerator and Brake Pedals
  • Wraparound Dash with Graphite Accents
  • Mounted Dash Fans
  • Cupholders on Driver and Passenger Side
  • Digital Dash Cluster
  • (1) Center Storage Drawer
  • Generator Start & Stop Rocker Switch
  • USB Dash Receptacles
  • 12-Volt Dash Receptacle
  • Backlit Dash Rocker Switches
  • Passenger Console Wireless Phone Charger
  • Driver and Passenger Map Lights
  • One-piece Panoramic Windshield
  • Single-motor Intermittent Windshield Wipers
  • Automatic LED Headlights
  • Side-view Cameras
  • Color Back-up Camera
  • 10" High Definition LED Multichannel Camera Monitor
  • Stereo with AM & FM Radio, CD Player, and Satellite Radio
  • Ceiling Mounted Speakers
  • Overhead Cabinetry with Wooden Panel Doors
  • Auxiliary Start Switch
  • Concealed Air Horn
  • Manual Opening Driver Side Window
  • Solid, Non-opening Passenger Side Window
  • Powered Solar and Privacy Windshield Shade
  • Manual Solar and Privacy Shades on Side Windows

Drivers Compartment Add-On Options

  • Blind Spot Monitoring System
  • In-dash Navigation System
  • Front Overhead TV
  • Electric Front Overhead Drop-Down Bunk

Dinette and Living Area

Driver Side Dinette

  • 75" Booth Dinette-Sleeper (37 BH Only)
  • 75" U-shaped Dinette (Optional; 37 BH Only)
  • 75" Dinette with Chairs (Optional; 37 BH Only)

Driver Side Furniture

  • 74" Air Coil Sofa Bed (N/A 44 OH)
  • 74" Theater Seating (Optional; N/A 44 OH)
  • 89" Air Coil Sofa Bed (44 OH Only)
  • 89" Theater Seating (Optional; 44 OH Only)

Passenger Side Dinette

  • 75" Dinette with Chairs and Lift TV (35 CH Only)
  • 75" Dinette Bar with Lift TV (Optional; 35 CH Only)
  • 72" Booth Dinette-Sleeper (40 IH Only)
  • 72" Dinette with Chairs (Optional; 40 IH Only)
  • 72" U-shaped Dinette (Optional; 40 IH Only)
  • 75" Booth Dinette-Sleeper (44 OH Only)
  • 75" U-shaped Dinette (Optional; 44 OH Only)
  • 75" Dinette with Chairs (Optional; 44 OH Only)

Passenger Side Furniture

  • 64" DE Sofa Bed with Lift TV (37 BH Only)
  • 68" DE Sofa Bed with Lift TV (40 IH Only)
  • 68" Air Coil Sofa Bed with Lift TV (Optional; 40 IH Only) 
  • 84" DE Sofa Bed with Lift TV (44 OH Only)
  • 84" Air Coil Sofa Bed with Lift TV (Optional; 44 OH Only)
  • Recliner and Lift TV (Optional; N/A 35 CH)
  • Recliner and Lift TV with Fireplace (Optional; N/A 35 CH)


  • 1.7-Cubic Foot Smart Convection Microwave with Air Fry
  • Double Bowl Kitchen Sink with Single Lever Faucet and Pull-down Sprayer
  • Built-in Soap Dispenser
  • Galley Overhead Cabinets with Pull-out Drawers
  • Panoramic Galley Window
  • Task Lighting
  • Toe Kick Lighting
  • Full Tile Backsplash
  • Solid Surface Galley Countertop, Sink, and Cooktop Cover

Refrigerator Options

  • 22-Cubic Foot Stainless Steel Residential Refrigerator with French Doors and Bottom Freezer (Standard; 35 CH Only)
  • 25-Cubic Foot Stainless Steel Residential Refrigerator with French Doors and Bottom Freezer (Standard; N/A 35 CH)

Cooking Appliance Options

  • Three-Burner Liquid Propane Cooktop (DEP; N/A 44 OH)
  • Two-Burner Induction Cooktop (DEP) (Standard on 44 OH Only)

Kitchen Add On Options

  • Drawer-style Dishwasher (Optional)
  • Manual Release Expand-An-Island (Standard; N/A 35 CH)


  • Under Bed Storage
  • Bedside Windows
  • Overhead Cabinets with Headboard
  • Bed Comforter with Throw Pillows
  • Handcrafted Privacy Door
  • LED Reading Lights
  • Nightstand with Solid Surface Tops
  • Mounted Flat-panel TV
  • Centralized Entertainment Center 
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Laundry Hamper

Mattress Options

  • Memory Foam King Mattress (72" x 80") with Power Smart Lift (Standard; 35 CH Only)
  • Memory Foam Queen Mattress (60" x 80") with Power Smart Lift (Optional; 35 CH Only)
  • Memory Foam King Mattress (72" x 80") (N/A 35 CH) (Standard on all other models)
  • Memory Foam Queen Mattress (60" x 80") (Optional; N/A 35 CH)

Bedroom Storage Options

  • Floor-to-ceiling Closet Space (Standard; 35 CH, 40 IH Only)
  • Wardrobe with Drawers Underneath (Standard; 37 BH Only)
  • Walk-in Closet (Standard; 44 OH Only)

Bedroom Add-On Options

  • Safe
  • Bedroom Egress Door


  • Solid Surface Lavatory Top
  • Handheld Shower Head with Slide Bar
  • Shower Skylight
  • Shower LED Light with Sliding Cover
  • Towel and Toilet Paper 
  • Roof Vent Fan
  • Base Cabinet

Number of Bathrooms

  • (1) Bathroom (35 CH Only)
  • (1) Bathroom and (1) Half-bath (N/A 35 CH)

Master Bathroom Sink

  • (1) Porcelain Master Bathroom Sink (37 BH Only)
  • (2) Porcelain Master Bathroom Sinks (N/A 37 BH)


  • One-Piece Molded Fiberglass Shower (31.75" x 40") (N/A 37 BH)
  • One-Piece Molded Fiberglass Shower (28.5" x 40.5") (37 BH Only)


  • (1) Macerator Toilet (35 CH Only)
  • (1) Gravity Flush Toilet and (1) Macerator Toilet (N/A 35 CH)

Master Bathroom Medicine Cabinet

  • Medicine Cabinet with Tri-view Vanity Mirror (N/A 37 BH)
  • Mirrored Medicine Cabinet (37 BH Only)

See us for a complete list of features and available options!

All standard features and specifications are subject to change.

All warranty info is typically reserved for new units and is subject to specific terms and conditions. See us for more details.

Due to the current environment, our features and options are subject to change due to material availability.


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