RV Service: 4 Basic Tips for RV Winterization

As the weather continues to get colder, it’s time to consider getting your RV ready for the winter. At Pontiac RV, we offer RV winterization services that will help you rest assured that your RV is properly prepared for the cold weather. We also provide an excellent guide for how to tackle RV winterization yourself! Learn more below or book your RV service today! 


1. Drain Your Tanks

The first thing you’ll want to winterize your RV is to drain your fresh water tank. Additionally, you should make sure both your grey and black tanks are empty for the winter. You want all of these tanks to be empty to avoid cracking the tanks if the temperatures drop below freezing. This can be a costly fix in the spring if your tanks are not properly emptied.

2. Drain the Water Heater

Your next step is to drain the water heater. For the same reason you want to drain your tanks, draining the water heater helps you to avoid expensive repairs, water damage, and more from busted pipes or other elements. To drain your water heater, you’ll need to release the plus at the bottom on the outside of the heater.

3. Bypass Heater

You’ll have to bypass the heater for this next step. Follow the instructions here, using the diagram at the bottom of the screen to ensure you have the proper setup for bypassing the heater.

4. Prepare System for Antifreeze

After you’ve located your pump, disconnect the intake line and connect a new intake line. Add that new line to a full bottle of waterline antifreeze and turn on the pump.

5. Drain Your Pipes

Lastly, you’ll go through the RV and turn on all the faucets, the shower, drinking faucets, toilets, and outdoor showers. You’ll want to run these faucets until the antifreeze comes out red. Check your RV for low-point drains and open these if you find any. Additionally, leave your grey and black tanks open and the plunger out of the water heater. Lastly, you’ll remove the screen on your city water hookup, turn off the pump, and push in the plunger until it turns red.


These tips for winterizing your RV are great in a pinch, but if you’re nervous about trying the DIY method for RV winterization, contact us. We’ll set up an RV winterization appointment for you!

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