Camping Games: 5 Games to Try at the Campground

Keeping everyone entertained and happy at the campground isn’t always as easy as going hiking or fishing all day. Sometimes, you need to change it up a little, especially if you’re traveling with little ones. We’ll show you five of our favorite camping games to enjoy at the campground this summer!

Board Games

One of the best ways to spend evenings at the campground is huddled around your picnic table or dinette playing board games together. You can bring along anything from a simple deck of cards for games like Spoons, Hearts, and Spades, or pack some family favorites to enjoy when you have some downtime.

Camping Bingo

A great way to keep the kids entertained is to play Campground Bingo. You can make your own Bingo cards at home with common camping things like tents, boats, a dog, a pinecone, etc. or look online for pre-made cards to print. Set your kids loose to scour the campground for items and have a prize for whoever gets Bingo first!


All you need for this game is some scraps of paper and a bag to hold them in. Divide into teams and take turns drawing from the bag and acting out whatever is written on the paper without using words or sounds. You’ll love how easy it is to get the whole family laughing with this game.

Water Balloons

During the summer, an excellent way to cool the kids off is with a water balloon fight. Simply fill the An excellent way to cool the kids off during the summer is with a water balloon fight. Simply fill the balloons and divide them into buckets for the kids. Find an open outdoor space to play and let them loose. Be sure to pick up the balloon scraps when you’re done to ensure no wildlife is harmed.

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